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History Mission

History and Timeline of Our New Building

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SFPCU’s expansion to a new Administrative Building at 1250 Grundy Lane in San Bruno is scheduled to be completed in 2018. Our members are invited to follow along with our progress by clicking through this timeline.
Digital rendering of our new building
The TGI Fridays located in San Bruno’s Bayhill Office Park is closed and eventually demolished.

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TGI Friday's
Early 2016
With unanimous approval from the Board of Directors, SFPCU sets its sights on the now vacant TGI Fridays lot at Grundy Lane as the location for our new building. The area is more centrally located for members, and includes ample parking and plenty of room for SFPCU to grow over the coming decades. Here’s what the lot looked like in April 2016.
Vacant Lot
July 2016
In 3 short months, initial construction has started and progress is being made. Shown here, in the distance: President/CEO Eddie Young and Senior VP of Marketing Kathleen Litman survey the construction site.
Initial construction
August 2016
SFPCU hosts a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the official kickoff of construction. Attendees include SFPCU’s Board of Directors and senior management, representatives from the SFPD and SFPOA, San Bruno’s Mayor Jim Ruane, Police Chief Ed Barberini, City Manager Connie Jackson, and management personnel of the NewGround construction company.
Board members breaking ground
December 2016
The framework of our new building is taking shape.
A new building being constructed
January 2017
Early 2017 storms made the Grundy Lane construction site a little muddy, but the building is still on its way!
More progress being made during construction
June 2017
Winter storms have given way to a summer heat wave. Now that our building site is dry, construction is moving forward quickly and we are on track to open our new building in early Fall 2018.
Walls going up in the construction zone
September 2017
Construction is well under way on the new administrative building. As of September 2017, the building is easy to spot if you’re driving by on I-380!
Steel beams going up in the construction zone
February 2018
Walls are going up! Here is our new building as it appeared on February 5, 2018.
Further progress on the building construction
April 2018
Here is how our Administrative Building appeared in the Spring of 2018.
A front view of the construction progress
September 2018
In early September 2018, significant progress had been made to the interior of the building. Members of our staff were able to take a tour and make plans for the eventual grand opening.
Group photo of team members holding building plans
November 2018
The San Bruno branch, located on the ground floor of our future Administrative Building, is nearing completion. Shown here is an area where our Member Experience team will meet with members. Check back frequently for more photos and updates!
Interior shot of the new space