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Click below for information you'll need to stop electronic payments, complete balance transfers, and more.

Credit and Debit Card Travel Notification Form

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The online Travel Notification Form is available within Online Banking for you to notify us when you will be travelling outside of your home area.  Alerting us to your travels will reduce the likelihood that your Police Credit Union Visa and Debit Cards will be blocked due to card activity outside of your home area.

To access the form:

  • Login to Online Banking.
  • Navigate to Account Services > Travel Notification Form.
  • You will be taken to the Travel Notification Form.
  • Provide your travel dates, the card(s) used for purchases, travel destinations, and contact information while travelling, then click submit.

Please Note: This form is valid within 2 business days of submission. If your departure day is today, please call us at 800.222.1391. For additional travel information go here.

Dispute an ACH Electronic Payment Form

Dispute Debit Card Transactions

Please fill out the appropriate form with all information filled thoroughly and then fax to 415.242.6574 or email to

Stop ACH Electronic Payment Request

The Stop ACH Electronic Payment Request is for any of these reasons: 
(1) To stop all future payments,
(2) To stop a one-time payment only,
(3) To stop a series of payments - that have yet to occur or are still to be debited from your account.

To submit a stop electronic payment request:

  • Login to Online Banking.
  • Navigate to Account Services > Stop Electronic Payment.
  • You will be taken to the Stop Electronic Payment Request form.
  • Select the account on which you would like to stop the payment from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose whether your request is to stop all future payments, stop a one-time payment only, or to stop a series of payments.
  • Fill out the name of the company, the payment dates if applicable, and the amount of the payment you wish to stop, then click submit.

The stop payment request must be received by the Credit Union at least three business days prior to the scheduled debit transaction date. Please note that you cannot stop an electronic payment that was used at the point of sale, such as from a retail establishment. This means that if you purchased something with a debit card, you cannot stop payment on the transfer.

Stop Check Payment

The Stop Check Payment form allows you to request a stop payment on one or more checks. A stop payment request does not guarantee that the check or checks will be stopped. The item may have already been processed and posted to your account.

To request a stop check payment:

  • Login to Online Banking.
  • Navigate to Account Services > Stop Check Payment.
  • You will be taken to the Stop Check Payment form.
  • Complete the fields to make a stop payment request based on known payment information.

Please note:
 Terms, conditions and fees may apply, see your Account Agreement for details.

Balance Transfers

The Balance Transfer Form may be used to transfer your credit card balances.

Please fill out all of the information thoroughly and fax it to 415.682.7280 or mail to The Police Credit Union, Attn: Visa® Coordinator, P.O. Box 22219, San Francisco, CA 94122-0219.

You can also contact us
, visit a branch location, or call us at 800.222.1391 for assistance.