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We have been made aware of scam text messages falsely claiming to be from The Police Credit Union. The messages may appear as a password reset request. If you receive one of these phishing texts, do not respond or click on any links included in the text, and delete the message immediately. Click here for tips on protecting yourself from banking scams.
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Falcon Fraud Manager

At The Police Credit Union, we are committed to protecting your personal information so you can use your Visa® Debit and Credit Cards with confidence. We offer Falcon Fraud Manager to enhance the security of your electronic transactions with a system that detects fraud quickly and accurately to minimize your risk and protect against losses.

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Automated Credit Card Fraud Alerts

If suspicious activity is detected on your credit card, our automated security system will attempt to contact you immediately with a text message. If no response is received to the initial text, the automated system will attempt to contact you via the next available channels until a response is received, in this order:

  1. Text message
  2. Phone call and voicemail
  3. Email
Take action immediately by responding to the automated system via text, phone, or email. To ensure that you receive these important alerts, please log into Digital Banking and make sure that your contact information is updated.

Automated Debit Card Fraud Detection and Notification System

If possible fraud is detected on your account, you'll receive a notification call from our automated debit card assistant. If you receive one of these calls, please work with the automated assistant to answer questions regarding recent card activity.

  • If the recent activity is legitimate, you will be able to close the case using your touch-tone phone.
  • If suspicious transactions are identified as fraudulent, your call will be transferred to Card Member Security to help you protect your cards.

24-Hour Monitoring

Falcon Fraud Manager monitors signature-based and PIN-based transactions 24 hour a day, seven days a week.

  • Each debit and credit card transaction is assigned a score on a risk-based scale.
  • High-risk transactions will trigger Falcon Fraud Manager to contact you to determine the transaction’s legitimacy.
  • If the score is deemed ultra-risky, Falcon Fraud Manager may block your account temporarily if you can’t be reached, in order to secure the card against fraudulent activity.

Even with Falcon Fraud Manager, you should contact The Police Credit Union immediately if the following occurs:

  • You suspect your card has been compromised.
  • Your contact information has changed. (It’s vital to keep your contact information and emergency contact information current at The Police Credit Union.)
  • You are planning a vacation and know there will be unusual activity on your card.

To learn more about Falcon Fraud and to report suspicious activity on your debit or credit card, contact The Police Credit Union at 800.222.1391.

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