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Holiday Closure Notice: Memorial Day (May 29, 2023)
In recognition of Memorial Day, our branches and internal Contact Center will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2023. Digital Banking, automated phone banking, and our ATMs will be available for your convenience. Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, May 30, 2023.

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

Check out our FAQs below for details on our newly activated machines and transactions you can conduct through an ITM.

What is an ITM?

An Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) is a banking technology which expands the functionality of traditional ATMs by allowing you the member to speak with a Virtual Teller and conduct transactions via video.

What are the advantages of using an ITM?

We believe ITMs will provide greater convenience and a higher level of personal service. ITM functionality allows for greater flexibility and convenience for you. Increased adoption of ITMs will allow us to increase efficiency during peak times, and therefore better provide you with a quality experience based on your needs. When the ITM function is turned off the machine will operate as a normal ATM.

Who will the virtual tellers be?

We will have dedicated ITM virtual tellers assigned within our Contact Center to assist you with your transactional needs.

Which branches will have an ITM?

After our deployment is complete, our San Bruno, Bryant Street, Irving Street, San Mateo and Oakland branches will each have an ITM available.

What types of transactions can I complete at an ITM?

  • Deposits: Single/multiple checks, deposits with cash back, deposits with funds going to multiple accounts
  • Account Transfers
  • Exchange or Break Down Bills
  • Cash Transactions: Withdrawals and deposits
  • Loan Payments: Auto, HELOC, mortgage, VISA

What type of transactions/activities should I speak to a branch Member Solutions Specialist about?

  • Withdrawals involving official checks
  • Cash transactions involving coin
  • Applying for a new account or loan
  • Online Banking questions