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Your financial future looks brighter when you open an The Police Credit Union Roth IRA and invest steadily with discipline. The Roth IRA offers specific tax advantages that are different from a Traditional IRA, and depending on your financial situation, the Roth IRA might be your best option for retirement planning.

After you’ve spent some time researching, consult your tax advisor to better understand your IRA options and their abilities to meet your goals.

Invest Now

Features & Benefits

  • Offer tax-free growth and more flexible withdrawal rules compared to a Traditional IRA
  • Contributions can be withdrawn penalty- and tax-free at any time
  • No requirement to start withdrawing money at age 70 ½
  • After the account has been active for five tax years, earnings can be withdrawn penalty- and tax-free for a first-time home purchase, disability, death or because you’ve reached age 59 ½
  • Read more about The Police Credit Union’s Roth IRAs

Eligibility Requirements

Assuming you meet the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) limits, you can contribute to a Roth IRA even after turning age 70 ½ as long as you’re working and earning income. Roth IRAs do not require minimum distributions when you turn age 70 ½. Further, participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan does not affect your Roth IRA eligibility. Please note, consult with your tax advisor to discuss your individual situation.

Invest in your future with a Roth IRA by calling us at 800.222.1391 or visiting one of our convenient branches