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Switch to The Police Credit Union

Ready to make the switch to a Police Credit Union checking account? Here are some simple steps to help you along the way.

1. Choose Your Account

With so many great options, pick The Police Credit Union account that fits your needs. Click here to check out our convenient Checking Account options.

2. Set up Direct Deposit

Get convenient access to your income, set up direct deposit into your new Credit Union checking account. Download and complete the appropriate direct deposit form below. If you are not employed by the City and County of San Francisco, please download the generic form or ask your HR Department for your company's Direct Deposit Authorization form.

3. Change Automatic (Electronic) Payments

Move over any automatic payments previously set up with your old account. Simply download and complete the Automatic Payments form below and send it to each business or organization you had set up any recurring electronic payments with (such as health club fees, insurance, or internet service provider fees).

4. Close Your Old Account

Close your old account and say so long monthly service fees! If you would like to close your old Checking Account, download and complete the Account Closing Request form below and send it to your old financial institution. Please make sure to wait until all outstanding checks and automatic payments have cleared through your old account before closing.

5. Get the Most From Your Credit Union Membership!

Check out the many great financial products and services available exclusively for our members.