Take advantage of the many benefits of your SFPCU Platinum Visa!

May 19, 2016

Do you have an SFPCU Platinum Visa and want to ensure that you’re maximizing the many visa benefits available to you? Along with competitive rates, powerful protection, and no annual fees, our Platinum Visa card provides many great features that you might be underutilizing or overlooking entirely! Uncover little-known perks and empower yourself to leverage the many advantages of your Visa by familiarizing yourself with the ones listed here:

The CURewards Program: Want to be rewarded for the things that you do every day? Those who’ve enrolled in the CURewards Program are earning points for every dollar they spend on their SFPCU Platinum Visa. These are points that can be used toward vacations, gift cards, brand-name merchandise and more—from airline miles to free rental cars, and from electronics to accessories! You can start redeeming your rewards at 2,500 points, and you’ll earn bonus points and will enjoy special offers by shopping in-store or online at thousands of popular retailers that participate in the Program. What’s more, you can earn double points every time you purchase your travel arrangements through www.CURewards.com. Already have a SFPCU Platinum Visa but have yet to enroll in CURewards? Login to Online Banking at sfpcu.org to enroll.

Price Protection on purchases: If you’re someone who takes satisfaction in buying items at their lowest prices (and that’s probably most of us!), you’ll be pleased to know that our Platinum Visa credit card supports you in this effort with a little-known benefit known as Price Protection!* With Price Protection, you can save money on many of the products that you buy using your SFPCU Platinum Visa.  If you buy an eligible item with your card in the U.S. and see a printed advertisement for less at any retail store within sixty (60) days of the original purchase date, file a valid claim and you’ll be refunded the difference up to $250 per item. This benefit is limited to $1,000 a year per eligible cardholder’s account. For details on Price Protection, including how to file a claim for reimbursement, please visit www.cardbenefitservices.com or call 1-800-553-7520.

*The printed advertisement must include a description of the item identical to the one purchased, the sale price, the store or dealer’s name, and the date(s) the sale is in effect. The sale date must be within sixty (60) days after the original purchase date. The Price Protection benefit does not apply to advertisements for close-out sales, flea markets, fire sales, cash-only sales, limited quantity promotions, liquidation sales, going-out-of-business sales, seasonal sales, or advertisements on the Internet. The Price Protection benefit is secondary to and excess of store policies offering a lowest-price guarantee or any other form of refund for price differences.

Extended Warranty Protection and Warranty Manager Service: Use your SFPCU Platinum Visa for a product that comes with a warranty, and you might find that buying the “extended warranty” offered by the retailer is unnecessary. Prices on extended warranties from merchants often run high, and according to Consumer Reports, commissions or corporate pressure to sell warranties may encourage salespeople to exaggerate the extent of the coverage or neglect to point out fine-print limitations. Fortunately, a Platinum Visa from SFPCU provides up to an additional year of coverage on eligible purchases. And our Online Warranty Manager, where you can upload images of your receipts and warranty documentation, makes it easy to register products if you decide to file a claim. For more information, see www.cardbenefitservices.com.

Lost Luggage Reimbursement: When you pay for the entire cost of Common Carrier (e.g. commercial airline, passenger train or cruise ship) tickets with your SFPCU Platinum Visa, you are eligible to receive reimbursement for your checked luggage and its contents provided that the luggage is lost due to theft or misdirection by the Common Carrier. The amount you can receive from your Visa card equals the difference between the value of the amount you claim and the Common Carrier’s reimbursement to you, up to $1,250 per trip. Be aware that certain items—such as money and medical items like contact lenses and hearing aids— are not covered. This reimbursement is supplemental to and excess of any valid and collectible insurance and/or possible reimbursement from any other source.

For general questions regarding this benefit, call 1.800.757.1274 or call collect at 804.673.6496. Details are also available at www.cardbenefitservices.com.

Zero Liability: Your peace of mind regarding card security is a top priority for SFPCU and our credit cards are backed by 24/7 fraud protection and the additional safeguard of EMV chip-enabled technology. However, if someone does steal your credit card or gain access to your personal account information, it’s reassuring to know that you won’t be held liable for losses due to criminal activity as long as you report the incident as soon as you discover it. The only exception to this zero ($0.00) liability with respect to unauthorized transactions would occur if the credit union determines, based on substantial evidence, that you were grossly negligent or fraudulent in the handling of your account or card. To minimize your potential liability, notify us at 800.449.7728 as soon as you notice the loss or theft of your card. If you experience a loss or theft of your Visa card while overseas, please contact us at 00.1.410.581.9994.

In addition, a SFPCU Platinum Visa provides reimbursement for covered expenses that you incur to restore your identity, up to a maximum of $1,000, as a result of a Covered Stolen Identity Event. For more information on the security of your SFPCU Visa, please visit our site at http://bit.ly/SFPCUCreditCardSecurity. To file a claim, call 1.866.679.5660.

Loan Payment Protection: If you don’t yet know about our Payment Protection, do yourself a favor by checking out the various packages available!  SFPCU’s Payment Protection is a voluntary loan payment product that relieves you from the financial burden of delinquency, default or foreclosure if certain injuries or accidents leave you unable to pay your debts. If a protected life event happens to you, and you are covered under Payment Protection, your credit card debt is cancelled or reduced (up to policy limits, which vary based on product). Learn more about how Payment Protection can help you at http://bit.ly/SFPCUPaymentProtection.

Ready to take advantage of the many perks available to SFPCU Platinum Visa holders? Here’s one more reason to apply now. SF Police Credit Union has an exciting offer available for a limited time only! Right now, you can get 0% APR* for six months on purchases and balance transfers made in the first two months of opening a new SFPCU Platinum Visa. For details and to apply, go to http://bit.ly/SFPCUPlatinumVisa.

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