Finance Podcasts To Help Boost Your Knowledge and Success

Apr 12, 2019

Finance Podcasts To Help Boost Your Knowledge and Success

Given their accessibility, versatility and virtual unlimited availability of topics they cover, it’s easy to appreciate the appeal of podcasts as a tool for personal financial development. Whether you’re seeking hours of content for a long road trip or audio programs that you can fit into a jam-packed schedule, there are a wealth of financial podcasts available for just about anyone. For those who like to multitask, they can make time spent performing routine tasks and working out less monotonous and more satisfying. Of course, podcasts also give you the ability to enjoy “productive downtime,” since you can use them anytime you want to shut your eyes and tune everything else out. For inspiration, we’re featuring a few favorites lauded by financial experts and journalists alike in 2019.

So Money: With more than 800 episodes provided by award-winning financial correspondent Farnoosh Torabi, this podcast has been continually topping the lists of major media outlets from Yahoo! Finance to Inc. magazine alike. The show covers a diverse range of subjects through unique stories of personal success, failure and growth. Her guests have included influential figures like Jim Cramer, Margaret Cho, Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki and many more. As Forbes aptly puts it, “In every episode, So Money makes complex topics and lessons of business moguls accessible to everyone.” Episodes tend to run anywhere from approximately 20 minutes to just short of an hour.

Listen Money Matters: With uncensored, actionable advice presented by hosts Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank, this podcast injects humor and fun into a roughly one-hour show designed to provide the “ultimate personal finance resource.” Topics run the gamut from basic investing principles and lessons from self- made millionaires to making extra cash and investing in real estate. With a quick perusal of their site, you’ll find programs such as “Get Your Cash Flow On,” “Handling Money in Your Relationship,” “Put Your Money to Work,” and “How to Negotiate With Skill, Not Force.” To find the content most relevant for you, skim the episodes listed on their website under broad categories of Growing Your Income, Investing Your money, Budgeting Like a Pro and Destroying Your Debt.

WSJ Your Money Briefing: If you’ve got less than 10 minutes, you can get quickly digestible bits of valuable insight on money and market news from this podcast from the Wall Street Journal. New episodes are available each weekday to keep you informed on the big picture of the economy and current events. A sampling of episodes includes: “Insurers Will Use Your Facebook Posts to Raise Rates,” “Cryptocurrency: Coinbase Offers Interest to Park Cash,” and “Why Gas Prices Could Hit $3 a Gallon by Summer.”

The Dough Roller Money Podcast: As reporter and podcast enthusiast Cassidy Alexander points out from, host Rob Berger has an uplifting, calm style and provides sound advice for people in all financial stages. Those who are easily turned off by strident voices and hyperactive mannerisms will find it refreshing that you won’t get that from him. Instead, the podcast delivers easy-to-listen-to advice and guidance on managing your money in areas including money tools, resources, retirement, best practices for saving, debt reduction, investing and much more. Check out their 100th episode anniversary, “100 Ways to Improve Your Finances (Most in Under 10 Minutes)” or browse their top-rated episodes here.

The Money Tree:  A go-to podcast for learning investing, this program is comprised of a panel of four experts who interview a special guest every week, then offer their own perspective and personal experiences. Among the titles you’ll find “Investing in Raw Land with Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek,” “Start a Business and Cultivate Multiple Income Streams with Johnny Gabriele” and “Investing and Intellectual Property with Attorney Daniel Goldstein.” Explore more episodes at

Freakonomics: This intriguing study in socioeconomic issues is a spin-off of the highly popular book from authors Stephen Dubner and Steven “Steve” Levitt. With episodes of about 30-40 minutes, Freakonomics Radio exposes the “hidden side of everything,” from whether the war on sugar is justified and the cost of diamonds, to the wage gap and insights on brainstorming. Although it’s not a place to turn to for practical financial advice, it does offer an interesting take on the big-picture of economic forces shaping our world.

Interested in more options for audio programs that get high marks for delivering engaging and compelling content on how to live a richer, more fulfilling life and grow your wealth? Consider looking into Blinkist, which provides key insights from best-selling nonfiction books in fifteen-minute audio clips as well as text. You can also find some excellent suggestions at  “11 podcasts to listen to if you want to get rich” from Business Insider.


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