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The cost of higher education continues to increase at California colleges and universities and everywhere else. If you are planning for children’s education or returning to school yourself, you can follow these strategies to help take the sting out of the price tag.

  • Develop a savings or investment plan based on estimated college costs and stay disciplined in striving toward your goal.
  • Start saving as early as possible to allow your investments time to benefit you. This strategy can reduce the amount of money you need to borrow later, saving you money in interest.
  • Create a diverse investment strategy that factors in the time you have before you need to spend the money and weighs your risk tolerance and estimated costs. You can maximize your return on investment with careful planning.
  • Public and private aid is available to offset the cost of college or graduate school. If you review your options thoroughly, you’ll likely find there are student loans, scholarships, grants and financial aid programs available to you.

Access our financial calculators to conduct more research about college costs to help you create your savings strategy.