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Couples & Marriage

Planning life with a partner alters everything. The emotional and financial adjustments required in a relationship are significant and require teamwork. Couples who take time to assess their financial situations before tying the knot benefit from the honest discussions and their ability to create a strategy together. Consider these questions, preferably before you tie the knot:

Will you buy a home or rent?

  • How much and what types of debt do each of you carry?
  • Are you planning for children? Do you want them to attend college?
  • Will you both continue to work? What will be your combined income?
  • Who will manage your finances?
  • When do you want to retire?
  • Do you have a savings plan or emergency fund in case one of you loses a job or becomes ill?
  • What are your savings goals?

Consider The Police Credit Union’s automatic savings programs to help you reach your goals, and take advantage of any employer-sponsored savings options.