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Enrollment Help

Getting Started

Welcome to Online Banking! To enroll, you'll need the following:

  • Your The Police Credit Union member number
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Your zip code

You'll also be asked to create a Login ID (6-20 characters, alphanumeric, no symbols).

Enrollment Tip:
As you're filling out the form, each field will give you a "hint" about the information you need to enter to complete your enrollment.
Example of hint text

Secure Access Code

What is a Secure Access Code (SAC)?
The first time you access Online Banking and anytime you are using a computer or other device that is “unfamiliar” to the online banking system, you will be prompted to receive a Secure Access Code, a one-time PIN used to verify your identity. 

Why do I need it?
The Secure Access Code is part of the government mandated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process that requires a user to provide two or more of three possible authentication methods.  In the prior system, you were presented with a Challenge/Response question each time you logged in from a new device.  The Secure Access Code is considered to be a more secure feature as many of us tend to choose Challenge/Response questions that could be answered through publicly available information.

How do I get my Secure Access Code and what do I do with it?

  • In your initial login process you will be taken to a screen that will ask you to select how you would like to be contacted with the code (via phone, text (SMS), or email)
  • Once you select your delivery method the Secure Access Code input screen appears (PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS SCREEN UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE INPUT YOUR CODE OR YOU WILL NEED TO START OVER)
  • You will receive a message with a numeric Secure Access Code
  • Enter the Secure Access Code into the Secure Access Code input screen and press "Submit"
  • The SAC is only active for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you will need to request a new SAC
  • You are all set!
  • For security reasons you will be asked to repeat this process if you login on another device

All of the Secure Access Code information for me is outdated
If the pre-populated information displayed is no longer valid, please contact Member Services at 800.222.1391 as soon as possible to update your information. 

Why is the system asking me for the Secure Access Code every time I login?
When you enter your SAC, your web browser stores a cookie telling the system that you have already logged in before. If you are using a different browser, a different computer, or have deleted your browser's cookies, you will be prompted to enter a SAC again.

Browser Compatibility
To ensure you have the best Online Banking experience, we recommended using one of the following internet browsers: 

To check which browser version you are using, click here to use our Browser Compatibility Tool.

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Q: How do I get a Login ID and password?

A: You will create your Login ID and password during the enrollment process. Below are some guidelines for creating a valid login.

Your Login ID:

  • 6-20 characters
  • Alphanumeric
  • No characters or symbols

Your password:    

  • 5-15 characters
  • Must contain one number

 Q: Is there a charge to use Online Banking?

There is no charge to enroll in Online Banking or access your information online.

Q: Is Online Banking safe?

A: SFPCU is committed to providing the most secure online experience. Some of the security features of Online Banking include:

  • Multi-factor authentication system - which combines multiple types of identification for stronger, more reliable protection such as a Secure Access Code (SAC) - which works as a secure identification number that is sent to the member via, text, email or phone to then access our Online Banking system.
  • Firewall - a logical barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between the SFPCU internal network and the Internet. Our Online Banking system is protected by a powerful firewall that is monitored 24x7.

Q: I'm getting an error message when I try to enroll in Online Banking. What should I do?

A: Try double-checking your information. You may have made a typo. Common typos include:

  • Entering your member number incorrectly.
  • Entering your zip code incorrectly.
  • Not entering the correct digits for your Social Security number. Make sure you're entering the last four digits of the primary account holder's SSN.
  • Requesting a Login ID (username) that is already registered.

If you have verified that your information is correct and are still having difficulties enrolling, please contact us at 800.222.1391 and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: When I try to enroll, I get a message telling me that my member number is already enrolled in Online Banking. What does that mean?

A: You may have previously enrolled your member number through our current or previous Online Banking system. If you can't remember your login credentials or need help retrieving them, please contact 800.222.1391 for assistance.

Q: I registered a Login ID, but accidentally clicked the "Back" button before setting my password. How can I finish logging in?

A: If you clicked the "Back" button, you should be on a login screen page with a "Forgot your password?" link. Click on "Forgot your password?" to reset your password and complete your first time login process. If you require additional assistance, please call us at 800.222.1391.