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American Consumer Council (ACC)

Welcome Friends and Supporters of Law Enforcement Through Our Partnership with the American Consumer Council (ACC)

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What is the American Consumer Council?

The American Consumer Council (ACC) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to consumer education, advocacy, and financial literacy. There is no cost for The Police Credit Union members to join the ACC. The ACC was established in 1987. Its mission is to educate consumers on the purchase of safe, reliable products and services, to serve as a voice for consumer advocacy and economic wellness in the United States, to educate consumers in the area of financial literacy and to recognize companies for their environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

How ACC Benefits American Consumers

The ACC has built its reputation for championing consumer advocacy by encouraging manufacturers and service-based companies to make safe, reliable products that American consumers can trust and recommend to their friends and neighbors. In those instances where a company or industry is found to have abused consumers, or offered a product/service that is harmful to consumers or the environment, ACC has brought the full force of its membership muscle and media relations program to persuade consumers not to support deceitful businesses. In this era of social networking and rapid global communication, ACC’s approach to enforcing high standards on behalf of consumers has proven to be extremely effective.

How to Join the Police Credit Union with the added benefit of American Consumer Council membership

If you choose to join the Police Credit Union with the added benefit of ACC membership, we will provide the following enrollment information to the ACC on your behalf: your name, address, email address, and telephone number. You will have the option to unsubscribe or opt-out of the quarterly email newsletter at any time. The American Consumer Council (ACC) will not sell, share or distribute its membership data to any individual, company or organization without the consent of its members.

When Applying for Membership Online

Choose the “Friend/supporter of law enforcement joining through American Consumer Council (ACC)” option in the Eligibility section of the membership application and agree to the membership disclosure at the end of the application. This will send us a notification that will allow us to process and enroll you into the ACC. The $5 membership fee will be covered by The Police Credit Union.

Learn More 
You can learn more about the American Consumer Council at

Become a member of The Police Credit Union by completing the online application and start enjoying the valuable credit union benefits that we offer!