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Mobile Deposit

With your busy schedule, you don’t always have time to visit your nearest Police Credit Union branch to deposit checks. So The Police Credit Union delivers the convenience of Mobile Deposit which enables you to deposit checks from anywhere in the world using your phone or tablet.

Save time and money with this secure feature. All you need is an active Police Credit Union Checking or Savings Account and The Police Credit Union Mobile app on your camera-equipped mobile device.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you’re using the most updated version of The Police Credit Union Mobile Banking app.
  • If you don't have our mobile app yet, you can download it for free from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Login to our Mobile Banking app and tap on Check Deposit at the bottom of the screen.

Making a Deposit

  • Write out your check and endorse it with your signature and "For Mobile Deposit Only"
  • Place your check in a well-lit area
  • Open The Police Credit Union Mobile Banking app
  • Tap on Check Deposit at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose the account you would like to deposit to, and enter the amount of your check
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to take pictures of the front and back of your check.

Press the Submit button and when you see a confirmation message with a green check mark, you’re done! 

Next Steps

After your check processes, store your check securely for 7 days after your deposit. Then you may destroy it. This allows sufficient processing time in case the original check is required for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices work with Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is available for devices that meet the following requirements:

  • Operating System: iOS version 5.0+ or Android OS version 2.3+
  • Camera Specs: Rear-facing, 1.9+ megapixels
  • Connectivity: Minimum of 3G or WiFi connection
  • Display Resolution: 800x480 pixels or greater

What types of accounts accept Mobile Deposit?

You may deposit funds to any of your primary Police Credit Union checking, savings or money market accounts. Joint accounts are not eligible for mobile deposit at this time.

Is there a fee to use this service?

The Police Credit Union offers Mobile Deposit free to our members. Fees from your mobile or data carrier may apply.

How do I begin?

First, make sure you’re enrolled in Online Banking.

  • Visit the iTunes App Store or Android Market (Google Play) and download the The Police Credit Union Mobile Banking app
  • If you already have the app installed, make sure you're using the most recent version of the Mobile Banking app
  • Open up the The Police Credit Union Mobile Banking app
  • Select the Deposit a Check option and follow the instructions

Are there any limits on my deposits using Mobile Deposit?

You are not limited to the number of deposits you can make. However, there are weekly and monthly limits on the deposit amounts that can be processed per account.

  • $10,000 weekly (The week is considered a rolling seven (7) days. For example, if you make a $10,000 deposit on a Monday, the next time you will be able to make another mobile deposit of any amount would be the following Tuesday.)
  • $50,000 per any 30 consecutive calendar days

Are deposits made using Mobile Deposit secure?

Yes. The link between your mobile device and our Mobile Deposit site are encrypted to the highest industry standards.

When will my deposit be credited to my account?

When your account is credited using Mobile Deposit will depend on the amount of the check. It may take up to 1-2 business days for the total deposit to post. If there are any errors on the deposit, it may take longer to post to your account.

How will I know when my check has been deposited?

You will receive an email confirmation that your deposit has been processed. We recommend you write down the reference number to the check and keep for your records.

What should I do if I have a check for an amount that exceeds the limit?

Please visit a The Police Credit Union branch for any checks written over an amount of $10,000.

Are there any types of checks that cannot be deposited using Mobile Deposit?

Only single-party domestic checks made payable to the member may be captured for deposit with Mobile Deposit. The following items cannot be deposited with Mobile Deposit:

  • Checks payable to a name other than the listed on account (i.e., business name, nickname etc.)
  • Items stamped “non-negotiable”
  • Post-dated or stale-dated checks
  • Incomplete checks – checks missing any required information
  • Third party checks – checks payable to someone else, endorsed and signed over to you
  • Foreign checks – checks payable to you and drawn on a financial institution in another country
  • Altered checks – checks that contain evidence of alteration to information on the check
  • Checks purported to be a lottery or prize winnings
  • The Police Credit Union checks drawn on your account
  • Checks previously submitted for deposit

What should I do after I have submitted a check with Mobile Deposit?

After your check is scanned, please write your deposit reference number on your check and store in a safe place for 7 days or until the deposit appears on your monthly statement and then you may securely destroy it. Please destroy the check or clearly mark it as "VOID" if you prefer to keep it for your records. Be sure the check is not rescanned or deposited elsewhere.

I have an image error with Mobile Deposit. What should I do?

Please double-check the following:

  • Your check photos are clear and legible. Be sure that there are no shadows on the check; the check is not excessively wrinkled or corners are bent; the image is not blurry from “shaky camera”; and the writing is contained within the relevant spaces on the check
  • You have positioned the check against a dark or contrasting background
  • The MICR line (the bottom part of the check that includes your account number and the bank routing number) is visible
  • The check number, payee, endorsement, numeric amount, written amount and MICR line are all readable
  • You have a strong signal. Using a secure WiFi connection may improve your transmission success
  • If the check continues to be rejected, please bring into a The Police Credit Union branch or you can access our Online Check Deposit service in Online Banking

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If you have additional questions or encounter any problems, please contact us today.